Adidas x Parley

—  Adidas x Parley: Cause Marketing Analysis  —

This is not done by official Adidas x Parley team. This is purely an ideation for JUICE Mobile’s Future Canvas. 


Campaign Objective

Bring an awareness of the collaboration between Adidas and Parley to prevent plastic polluting our oceans. One of their solutions is to transform plastic into sportswear. Adidas and Parley want to encourage others to be more conscious with their plastic consumption and prevent using plastic when possible.  

Target Audience

The core targets are the ageless consumers – a psychographic portion that spans over all generation cohorts. Ageless Consumers are the people who are open to new ideas and solutions regardless of the age group they belong to. They are in their 20s, 30s or 50s and they are curious about the evolution of the world and its possibilities. They are willing to adapt to new ideas and try new products. 

Creative Concept

The partnership between Adidas and Parley is hoping to educate consumers to not only shop smart, but to be aware of the use of plastic in our daily lives. The solution cannot be done by Adidas and Parley alone as changes are required in all of us. This is another reminder that this is only one of the many solutions to end plastic pollution to save our planet.  

Creative Execution

Translating an existing Adidas x Parley campaign to the mobile space in order to reach greater audience. The initial ad unit will propose users to join a challenge in which users are encouraged to participate in order to end plastic pollution. Then the unit will be taken to a microsite, where the problem and solution are addressed. The unit ends with an invitation to take a pledge and to be part of the change. 


Click through rate and number of pledge taken. 


Creative Build

First Step: Acknowledging that we have a problem, which is supported by facts and research. Then an invitation to save the ocean together is prompted. 

Second Step: Adidas is taking a lead in innovating a solution to incorporate plastic into their products. This will lessen the amount of plastic that goes into our oceans and it is only the beginning of their ambitious project. Another invitation to get involved and join the movement is extended. 

Third Step: It is important to recognize the number of people who have taken the pledge for this cause. The number of participants will encourage more people to participate and be part of the change. 

Fourth Step:

  1. Enter your initials and email address. 

  2. Customize your badge – the image, colour of text and the city stamp. The stamp is to recognize the global effect of the campaign and depending on the user’s current location, the appropriate city will be displayed. 

Once submitted different badges that have been previously created will be shown. Users are also encouraged to share the cause onto their social media platforms.


As society moves into becoming a mobile first world, extending this campaign into a mobile platform is necessary. We have considered and solved all challenges and limitations that come with mobile execution. We are aware that within the span of less than 3 seconds, the initial ad unit will need to be powerful enough to draw a user’s attention. We recognized that a simplified and intuitive web-app will be successful, resulting in the campaign reaching a wider audience.