Demosite Redesign

—  JUICE Mobile Demosite: Analysis and Redesign —


What is JUICE Mobile Demosite?

A platform hosting a library of creative executions done by the Creative Studio team. All creative builds can be searched, viewed, selected and put into customizable canvases to be sent to clients for functionality references. It is mostly to be used internally with the exception of canvasses that can be viewed externally by anyone through a provided link.

The Problem

The current JUICE Mobile Demosite is not being optimized to its maximum capability due to a myriad of reasons:

  1. Non-responsive 

  2. Erratic interface

  3. Outdated design



  1. Create a user-friendly platform, where all of its capabilities are being optimized. 

  2. Support on-the-go users to be able to organize canvases for clients in between meetings. 

  3. Rearrange and reorganize interface for ease of use. 

User Research

After speaking to the sales team (core user of the platform), here are some of the objectives:

  1. Seamless Integration - Each user uses the application differently and for various reasons. The experience has to be seamless, whether it’s preparing a canvas for a client, researching for capabilities & functionalities for an upcoming campaign, or searching for ideas for an upcoming pitch.

  2. Usability - The experience is intuitive with no learning curve.

I studied a few web-applications such as Netflix, Instagram and Facebook to analyze their UI/UX design and why they are successful. The dissection of those platforms is clearly embedded within the final design of the JUICE Mobile Demosite. I have tweaked, improved and applied all the necessary functionalities and discarded the rest.






UX design is all about satisfaction – a meaningful and relevant experience for users. It is not enough to build platforms that simply function, they have to be easy, exciting and purposeful. As a designer, it’s fulfilling to be able to redesign and improve an existing platform.


The design thinking process and understanding why certain elements work and and other don't is the most exciting part of this project. It is important to do extensive research, think of limitations/complexities early in the process and ask the right questions.

Project has now been passed over to the developers. Will keep you updated!